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Experienced LAMP Stack Web Developer

ThinkUp Technologies is looking for an experienced Web Developer to join our eccentric development team. We are looking for working experience in php/javascript/jQuery languages.

The right candidate will assist in improving our Contractors Cloud, Parade Cloud, and Signeato products

This is a mid-level to senior position depending on the candidate's knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and attitude.

This position will office out of our main headquarters in Annandale, MN. Remote opportunities for the right candidate. However, local candidates are preferred for ultimate collaboration.

The greatest opportunity entails not only doing a list, but creating the list of things to do based on company goals.

Position Type

  • Full-time employment preferred
  • Freelance / Contract options available for the right candidate

Required Experience

  • Server upkeep, migrations, maintenance
  • MySQL Optimization
  • Security (Injection, Brute Force)
  • Domain Management (SSL Certificates)
  • LAMP Stack Experience
  • PHP (v 5.5 - 7)
  • javascript/jQuery
  • json
  • RESTful APIs
  • OAuth2 Integrations

Competencies Valued

Even though the following is optional, the right candidate will have experience in one or more of the following:

  • Google APIs (Maps, Calendar)
  • QuickBooks API (desktop and online)
  • Application Email BMPs (Strategies, Reliability)
  • Photo/File Uploading (Orientation, Resizing)
  • Credit Card Processing App Integration (Stripe, Basys, etc)
  • Organize and Prioritize Projects
  • Establish Plans and Timelines
  • Determine and Allocate Resources
  • Real world work experience outside of web development


  • Learn our customers wants and needs
  • Learn the industries we serve
  • Hone your craft and rip a lot of code
  • Help grow our products, client base, and revenue

Company Culture

  • ThinkUp Technologies aims to be a vibrant, relevant, and exciting company focused on results, success and fun
  • We pride ourselves in being a workplace that works hard, has fun, and serves our clients with A+ quality daily
  • ThinkUp Technologies is driven more by persistence, will, self-improvement and drive rather than by knowledge and skills alone

What’s In It For You

  • Competitive salary and medical benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Work with a team where the established sales, marketing, service, and production departments not only accomplish goals together, but have fun together
  • Dynamic and dedicated team who enjoys what they do
  • Work in one of the coolest small towns in America

To apply for this position, email resume, portfolio, and other supporting material to

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