Why ThinkUp?

By Dwight R. Gunnarson, PE

ThinkUp Technologies certainly seems like a trendy and cool name for a technology company. So how did we come up with the name? Well, there are 2 inspirations for the name and they are as follows:

First, we think a lot of stuff up… …all the time. We are fortunate to have many years of combined life and business experiences that guide us in determining what common problem we are going to solve next. Once we establish a great idea, we determine if we can build it and make money at it.

Secondly, my mother, Janet, was someone with great poise and elegance. This is something she learned, and taught, by being involved with our local high school ambassador pageants. ¬†One of her famous quotes is to “Think up”. When you are in a situation where you need to be calm, cool, and collected, by simply thinking up you are instilled with a jolt of confidence and clarity as your spine straightens and your demeanor solidifies. ¬†Quite fitting when you are in search of a new idea.

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